"It's like lemon juice in cuts... in a good way

Kate Copstick, Scotsman Critic.

We were born in a dusty barn in Cranbrook,  'plucked out into the mundy' by a desire, a need to tell tales. Through the cobwebs and pockets of rust came forth dark manipulations of fairytale, absurd apple ridden takes on life as it is, sketches and stories. 
The first show, 'Friday Night Live' set PigPen on the map, selling out the EM Forster Theatre in Kent. Shortly behind, funded by the success of the first show was the first dramatic play: 'Los Tres Cerditos'.  The play was critically acclaimed during its run in London which paved way for the company to run 'The Transfiguration of Mrs Lamen' for a full month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 
A new base has since been set up in Oxford which is flourishing with the same visceral energy the company is known for. 'Deuteronomy' will be performed from 21-25th February at the Oxford playhouse.
Keep an eye out, for our tale has not yet fully been told.

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