"gut wrenching, visceral performance"
By Alex Yates | 23rd August 2022 | Summerhalll, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
La Merda is without a doubt the most incredible thing I have seen at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, and one of the best pieces of theatre I have seen in my life. Mutterings, rantings, ravings, howling, giggling, everything the human body and voice is capable of crescendos in harmony to form a gut wrenching, visceral performance.
Silvia Gallerano puts forwards the rawest display possible. She sits naked centre stage, her face teeming with energy, darkness, emotion, accounting the woman's life, the death of her father, the consistent pains of life and of womanhood, her figure, sexual assault, rape, lusting for fame, the list goes on. It is a complete tour de force, though that expression seems wasted on this, there is an indescribable power to the performance. With just a microphone and a stool she manages to arrest an audience of 58 people, completely at her hand for an hour. 
Cristian Ceresoli's script is immaculate. It was translated from the original Italian version into a slightly broken English. It is a stream of consciousness, a poem, a rant, constantly raving, moving, there are so many shifting parts to it that it washes through you leaving you a mess by the end of it. I highly recommend reading the script even if you are unable to watch the performance before the run ends.
Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. Miss completely at your peril. 
La Merda runs until 28th August.

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